Steve Will Do It Net Worth

Steve Will Do It Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki & More

Steve Will Do It Net Worth: SteveWillDoIt is an American YouTuber and an influencer who has a net worth of $4 million. He was born in 1998 and is well known for his pranks and challenge videos. Just as his social media name suggests, he would do any sort of an act that his viewers ask him to. He is famous for his Instagram challenges like downing a full bottle of vodka down in a very short time frame.

He started with his challenge videos back in May 2017 where he used to post his challenge videos on Instagram. Later, he moved to YouTube and started his channel. Today in this post, we are going to tell you about Stephen Deleonardis’s net worth, his income, salary, and some other facts about him. So, let’s get started.

Steve Will Do It Net Worth

Name  SteveWillDoit

Net Worth      $4 Million

Age     23

Height (1.7 m)

Weight            65KG (Approx)

Profession     YouTuber

Date Of Birth August 26, 1998

Birthplace      United States

Nationality      American

Income           $250,000 (Annual)

Spouse           N/A

Early Life

Steve will Suit, formerly known as Stephen Deleonardis, was born on August 26th, 1998, in Oviedo, Florida. He has a brother, Rocco, and a sister Briana and the three would grow up together.

Deleonardis attended Oviedo High School, but his main focus was making content. He made funny challenge videos on Instagram, but Instagram kept removing his videos.

Determined to keep making content, he turned to YouTube and posted there. He began posting to YouTube in 2019 under the name Stevewill It. The name choice was easy for Steve because there was nothing he wasn’t willing to do on camera.

This attitude and mindset would make him a fan favorite and one of the most subscribed YouTubers in the world.


Steve is a content creator, Instagram model, and YouTuber. He initially started off making videos in the year 2017. He used to post his challenge videos on Instagram. Later he opened his own YouTube channel ‘SteveWillDoIt’. In his channel, there are videos of him consuming large amounts of cannabis or food. He uploads the whole challenge video on YouTube and not just the short videos on Instagram reels.

Additionally, he is also a member of NELK entertainment, a Canadian YouTube channel well known for its prank videos. The most viewed video on his channel has about 10 million views and it is titled ‘I handcuffed Brad Martyn then ripped darts in his gym’. His Instagram account has about a 1.8million followers and he is also very active on Twitter where he has about 30k followers.

Steve gained attention back in 2019 when Demi Lovato criticized one of his videos where he was seen gulping down alcohol in large amounts. This didn’t go well with Steve and this created a slight beef between them and Demi Lovato went on to block him. Steve then got her face tattooed on his thigh. He again came into highlights early this year in July when the rapper 6ix9ine gifted him with a limited edition of McLaren MSO X. In October 2021, Steve and Celina were again in the spotlight when they reunited.

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Personal Life

Steve started dating Instagram star Celina Smith after meeting her at Oviedo High School. Steve introduced his girlfriend on his channel as well. Fans loved their interactions and chemistry. Steve Will Do It Net Worth According to sources, the couple has unfortunately parted ways after dating for over four years. The exact reason for the breakup is unclear, but Celina reportedly cheated on Steve, and there was some drama around it. After the breakup, Steve is currently single.

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Summing Up

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