Kyle Forgeard Net Worth

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki & More

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: Kyle Forgeard is a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and podcaster from Canada with a net worth of 1.5 million who co-founded the Nelk channel in 2010.

With John and Sam Shahidi, he launched the hard seltzer company Happy Dad in 2021. He was selected to the Forbes 30 Under 30 class of 2022 in 2021.

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth

Full Name       Kyle Forgeard

Birth Date     July 12, 1994

Age     27 Years Old

Birth Place     Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Source of Wealth      YouTube / Entertainment

Relationship Status  Single

Height            5 ft. 10 in.

Net Worth      $1.5 Million

Early Life

Kyle is a Canadian born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. His birthday is July 12, 1994. He has a sister named Chantal, and their parents are Rick and Gayle.

He went to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School and graduated there. After that, he went to Ryerson University for higher education. He studied filmmaking. During this time, he created NELK with his twin friends, Marko and Niko Martinovic.

The aspiring creator shared a video of himself serenading ladies in the university lecture halls while still a student. He eventually dropped out to focus solely on his YouTube pursuits.

Kyle Forgeard personal life

The YouTuber does a very good job of keeping his personal life private. It’s believed that Forgeard is currently a single man. According to CelebsCouples, he has had one previous relationship, but even those details are scarce. It seems as though Forgeard is enjoying the bachelor life as he shares a living space with his fellow content creators.

YouTube Career

NELK was formed in 2010. From the start, they were all about pranks and vlogs. They’re centered on collegiate culture in North America. They make videos of the group’s party lifestyle and their classic stunts.

The channel’s growth was slow at first. It wasn’t until five years after its creation that they gained real traction. Forgeard became popular after sharing a video in which he pranks cops by claiming they have coke in his vehicle.

After this, they continued doing what they set out from the beginning but now with a bigger following. Now, NELK has 7.25 million people subscribed to its content.

The Nelk boys are also known for popularizing the colloquial phrase “Full Send,” which also became the name of their entertainment brand. Forgeard gave the definition of the slang, which essentially means, whatever activity you perform, give it your best.

Forgeard and his buddies are the owners of the Full Send clothing line. It became a hit when they launched limited-edition Supreme-style drops. They also own the Happy Dad hard seltzer company.

As one of the main faces of NELK and Full Send Entertainment, Kyle regularly co-hosts the Full Send Podcast. Every session has a special guest. Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and other notable individuals have been invited to appear on the show.

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Kyle Forgeard Net Worth

Kyle Forgeard has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Kyle Forgeard FAQ

  • How old is Kyle Forgeard?

The YouTuber celebrates his birthday every year on July 12th. Being born in 1994, Forgeard is set to be 28 years old this summer.

  • How much is Kyle Foregard worth?

Currently, Forgeard is worth approximately $1.5 million. However, expect that figure to increase in the coming years. His inclusion on the Forbes “30 Under 30” 2022 list was a notable event.


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