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Dan Pena Net Worth: Daniel Steven Pena or Dan Pena is an American businessman. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida. However, he was raised mostly in East Los Angeles, California. Dan Pena graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Economics from the San Fernando State Valley College.

Dan Pena is one of the most successful persons in the world of finance today. Moreover, it must be noted that he started his career at a very young age as an investor on Wall Street. He is a completely self-made multi-millionaire who later became the President of the Great Western Resources Inc. It is a Houston-based oil company. The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1984. Quite interestingly, Pena’s early life, prior to joining Wall Street, was very ‘American’ in nature. Dan Pena served in the U.S. Army in 1966, when he was only 20 years old. Upon return from the Army in 1969, he continued his education. While working for Wall Street, Pena founded Great Western Resources Inc. However, he was forced to leave the company, which made more than $400 million in revenue in 1992. He later sued the company for $4 million. Daniel Pena used this money to establish another company.

Dan Pena founded the Guthrie Group in 1997. He named his new business venture after a castle that he had purchased in Scotland back in 1984. Dan Pena may be an old man, but he is very up-to-date with the current trends in the 21st century. Pena runs a popular YouTube channel where he uploads several motivational videos. His videos are usually in the format of a series with unique themes. One of his most popular video series is the Trillion Dollar Man. Read on to find out more about Dan Pena Net Worth and Personal Life.

Dan Pena Net Worth

Real Name     Daniel Steven Peña

Nick Name     Dan Pena

Date of Birth  10 August 1945

Age     77 Years OId

Relationship Status  Married to Sally Hall

Children         3

Height :-     6 feet 3 inch

Weight            98 kgs (Approx)

Net Worth      $500-550 Million (Approx)

Place of Residence  Guthrie Castle, located in Angus, Scotland

Source of Wealth      Oil Companies, Consulting Companies Other Business Ventures

Nationality      American

Education      California State University, Northridge

Religion         Catholic

Early Life

Daniel S. Pena Sr. was born on August 10, 1945, in Jacksonville, Florida. He was born to parents Manuel and Amy Peña. Growing up, the family didn’t own or have very much. They had originally immigrated from Guadalajara, Mexico. Because of this, Dan Pena originally grew up speaking Spanish.

His family later moved to East Los Angeles, California, where he spent his formative years in the Latino-dominated community. Crime and violence were common places back in the day, with many of these events occurring directly around Pena. Throughout elementary and middle school, Pena would repeatedly get in trouble for local neighborhood wrongdoings.

Despite his troublemaking nature, Pena was very smart and driven in school. He attended, and later graduated from Reseda High School in 1963.


Despite doing very well in school, Pena still had no idea what he really wanted to do in life. He knew he was good with numbers and people, but couldn’t see himself working a nine to five office job. Consequently, the young boy spent his days drinking and misbehaving with friends. Disappointed and upset by this, Dan’s father finally threatened to kick the now young adult out of the house.

In an attempt to make amends with his family, Dan Pena joined the U.S Army. Dan Pena Net Worth He entered voluntarily as a private and graduated from Infantry Officer’s Candidate School. Consequently, he became a 2nd lieutenant at Fort Benning, Georgia.

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After leaving the army, Pena finally felt he gathered the life experiences he needed in order to move on to the next step. This step would eventually be the business world. Using the connections and networks he obtained in the army, Pena secured a large business loan and set off to start a number of endeavors. Today, Dan Pena operates dozens of small to large businesses, resulting in the handsome net worth he has today!

credit: Derek Van Schaik

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