Chiquis Rivera Net Worth

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki & More

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth: Chiquis Rivera is an American singer and television personality who has a net worth of $3 million. Chiquis Rivera was born in Los Angeles, California in June 1985. Her mother is singer Jenni Rivera. As a singer she released her debut studio album Ahora in 2015 and the album Entre Botellas in 2018.

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth

Name  Chiquis Rivera

Net Worth      $5 Million

Age     36

Height (1.7 m)

Weight            70KG (Approx)

Profession     Singer

Date Of Birth 26 June 1985

Birthplace      United States

Nationality      American

Income           $500,000 (Annual)

Spouse           Lorenzo Mendez

Early life

The 5ft. The 5in tall actress was born and brought up in California. She is the daughter of Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin. She is the youngest of her other siblings, Jaqie, Michael, Jenica, and Johnny. Chiquis Rivera is Presbyterian and attends the church regularly.

Chiquis is related to Lupillo Rivera as he is her uncle. He is a Grammy award winner for his album ‘ Tu Esclavo y Amo’.

She was abused by her father for a significant period of time but thankfully he was charged and convicted. Despite suffering abuse at the hands of her father, Chiquis reveals she does not hate him.

Chiquis’s memoir ‘ Forgiveness’ is about her and her mother.

Chiquis has always encouraged and inspired young adults. She also spreads messages of body positivity.

In 2019 then 33-year-old Chiquis Rivera married Lorenzo Mendez. Though, in 2020, Chiquis announced her divorce through a social media post. She started the divorce was done on mutual agreement. It was revealed the two did not get along well and there were a lot of arguments, this led to the breaking of their marriage just a year after.

Career Highlights

Rivera’s debut song, “Paloma Blanca,” was published in 2014 as an homage to her mother. She also appeared in the Chiquis Confidential mini-series. With her performance of “Esa No Soy Yo” at the Premios Juventud, she made her musical debut on worldwide television. She won two awards out of three nominations: Regional Mexican Female Artist of the Year in 2016 and Female Artist of the Year in 2017. She also participated in her mother’s reality programme, I Love Jenni, and in Chiquis’ n Control.

Chiquis Rivera is the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera, the late singer, and actress. She has also served as a judge for the talent show “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento.” Hеr hidden stаgе реrsоnа, peculiar vоicе аnd роеtiс, аrе whаt hаvе made mаnу fans fаll in lоvе with hеr sоngs. This charming lady is expected to continue to captivate the hearts of millions across the world through her music credits. Despite the fact that we have provided you with some of the most crucial highlights, there is still a lot more to learn about her career. We will also look at how her career has aided in her increasing net worth.

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Net Worth Of Chiquis Rivera In 2021

For the year 2021, the net worth of Chiquis Rivera is expected to reach $8 million. Singing, TV appearances and concerts provided the majority of her income. As a consequence of her increasing earnings as a result of her professional success, she has a considerable net worth. This entrepreneur uses Instagram to promote a variety of firms and goods, thanks to her massive following. Through her hard work and determination, this lovely young lady has gone a long way. She has not only influenced youth, but she has also built a name for herself among well-known figures.

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