Arsenio Hall Net Worth

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Arsenio Hall Net Worth: Arsenio Hall is an American comedian and talk show host with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He gained most of his wealth and prominence with his talk show that ran from 1989 until 1994, as well with his new talk show host that started in 2013.

Hall moved when he was just 20 to Los Angeles to pursue his career in comedy and he made a few appearances on “Soul Train ”. In 1988 he got a big role in the hit comedy film “Coming to America ” with Eddie Murphy. After that he had few semi-successful comedy movies until he finally got his talk-show in 1989 which was an instant success.

At that time hip-hop culture started to be very popular, and Arsenio Hall often had guests like that on his show which attracted younger demographics to eventually watch his late night talk show. In 1994 Arsenio Hall talk show had to be cancelled because the ratings began to decrease, but Arsenio finally got back to his roots in 2013 with opening of a new talk show that had great ratings in first couple of weeks.

Arsenio Hall Net Worth

Full Name:-Arsenio Cheron Hall, Sr.

Source of Wealth:-Comedy, Television


Birth Place:-Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Height:-5′ 11″ (1.80 m)


Date of Birth:-February 12, 1956

Ethnicity:-African American

Occupation:-Comedian, Actor, TV Show Host

Education:-Ohio University, Kent State University

Children:-1 (Arsenio Hall Jr.)


Arsenio Hall is 65 years old and was born on February 12, 1956. His birthplace is Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Aquarius is the personality’s zodiac sign. Fred Hall is Hall’s father, and Anne Hall is Hall’s mother.Arsenio Hall Net Worth However, when the personality was six years old, his parents divorced.

Furthermore, at the age of seven, he developed an interest in magic.

Then she started doing birthday parties, weddings, and bar mitzvahs. In addition, the personality went to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He studied communications. In addition, he began his career in advertising and relocated to Chicago in 1979. There, he switched to stand-up comedy and was “discovered” by singer Nancy Wilson at a comedy club.


After college, Hall moved to Chicago, and then Los Angeles, to pursue his career in comedy. He appeared on “Soul Train” a number of times. In 1984 he landed the job as the announcer/sidekick for Alan Thicke on his short-lived talk show “Thicke of the Night”  His big break came in 1988 when he co-starred in “Coming to America” with Eddie Murphy.

Hall’s route to hosting his own talk show started when he filled in as interim host of “The Late Show,” a late-night talk show Fox created to compete with “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” The show originally featured the late comedian Joan Rivers but the ratings were bad so she was fired. Hall’s run as an interim host was so popular he developed a cult following. Fox canceled “The Late Show” in 1988 but “The Arsenio Hall Show” debuted on January 2, 1989, as a nationally syndicated show. The show was a hit, especially among younger people. Hall (and his show) became known for his alternative to clapping by chanting “Roo, Roo, Roo!” while pumping their fists. This isn’t something unique to Hall, its the Cleveland Browns “Dawg Pound” chant in the east end zone. Hall’s “Roo, Roo, Roo ” became a nightly ritual and a pop-culture symbol. Hall’s show also became infamous as the place then-Presidential candidate Bill Clinton played his saxophone.Arsenio Hall Net Worth “The Arsenio Hall Show ” last episode aired on May 27, 1994.

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Arsenio Hall net worth

Arsenio Hall is a well-known comedian, talk show host, television personality, actor, writer, and producer who has a net worth of $30 million. Arsenio Hall has earned his net worth through his years acting in both television and films and through real estate investments. He is probably most famous for being the host of the 90s talk show, “The Arsenio Hall Show,” which was rebooted and brought back from 2013 to 2014.


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