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21 Savage Net Worth: Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph (21 Savage) is a British born Hip Hop Artist who moved to Atlanta, Georgia when he was 7. He received and became recognized within Atlanta for the 2015 mixtape ‘The Slaughter Tape’ before gaining international recognition for ‘Savage Mode’ produced by Metro Boomin’. He continued to build up his fame with guest appearances on Drake’s 2016 single “Sneakin” and collaborated with Post Malone on the chart-topping song ‘Rockstar’.

Since 2017, 21 Savage has established himself at the A-List end of the American Music scene and a mega-star within the rap music industry.

21 Savage Net Worth

Full name       Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph


Date of Birth  October 22, 1992

Place of Birth            Dominica

Parents          Heather (Mother)

Siblings          6 sisters (names N/A)

Spouse           N/A

Profession     Rapper

Height:-          180 cm

Weight            72 kg

21 Savage Early life

Shéyaa Bin Abraham was born on October 22, 1992, at Newham Hospital in Plaistow, London, England, to British-born parents Heather Carmilla Joseph and Kevin Cornelius Emmons, who are of Dominican and Haitian descent respectively.

 21 Savage’s parents separated early in his life, and he moved with his mother to Atlanta, Georgia, at the age of 7.

In June 2005, at the age of 12, he went to the United Kingdom for the funeral of an uncle,  stayed for a month and then returned to the United States on July 22, 2005, on an H-4 visa,  which allegedly expired a year later.

21 Savage’s mother then began a relationship with Dr. Amsu Anpu, an endocrinologist, and British expatriate, with whom she had more children. He had a brother Quantivayus (“Tay-Man”) who died in a shooting after an attempted drug dealIn the seventh grade, 21 Savage was banned permanently from every school in DeKalb County School District for gun possession.

This led him to begin attending schools around the Atlanta metropolitan area before being sent to a youth detention center.

 After being released from the youth detention center, he completed eighth grade through an alternative program before finishing a semester of high school; he dropped out in his freshman year following multiple exclusions that he said “exhausted” him

After dropping out, 21 Savage joined a local street gang affiliated with the wider Bloods street gang and became a full-time drug dealer, mainly selling cannabis. 

He also regularly took part in other criminal activities including robbery and car theft, although he was only arrested once after contraband was found in a car he was driving.

In 2013, during an attempted robbery on his 21st birthday, 21 Savage was shot six times by rival gang members and his best friend Johnny was killed.


21 Savage is a professional rapper who has achieved numerous milestones in his career so far. However his life hasn’t been that easy as it looks. He has suffered a lot in his early days. His stage name 21 Savage is there for a reason. On his 21st birthday, he got shot six times by his rival gang, and in his battle his best friend Johnny got killed. Since then, he stopped doing all the illegal work and he started working as a rapper.

In 2012, he made his official debut. Till date, he has released several albums, collab albums, and mixtapes. His EPS has been mighty successful as well, and his songs, like X, No Heart, Bank Account, Rick Flair Drip, etc., Has topped all the charts. 21 Savage has also won some really big awards like, Billboard music awards, Grammy awards, and MTV video music awards.

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21 Savage Assets

Home – 21 Savage is a very successful young personality, who has plenty of assets like Properties and other. He owns quite a handful of properties in America, and also in England. He has a house in Atlanta, and one in Los Angeles. He also owns a house in London, where he was born. He also has several others which are not mentioned.

Car collection – 21 Savage is a mighty successful person who has plenty of cars under his possession. He owns some really beautiful and luxurious cars like, Ferrari, McLaren, Lexus, Chevrolet Camaro, and few more. He really likes to drive sports cars, which has speed like his rap.

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